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Introducing La Vie’s Breast Health Program

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Proactive Breast Health and Wellness Program

Assess Breast Cancer Risk and Help Prevent Breast Cancer

This is a personalized program for women at any age to assess breast cancer risks and to provide them with an individualized Breast Health Plan to help prevent breast cancer.

The program includes:

  • Breast Health Action Plan: The report includes results of your risk assessment and recommendations on how to help prevent breast cancer including exercise, lifestyle changes, and stress management.
  • Genetic Testing and Counseling: BRCA ½ Genetic Testing for Inherited Breast Cancer. This test is especially important to guide surveillance, prevention, and medical management, in addition to giving patients the opportunities for early detection of cancer.
  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment: Dr. Angel will conduct an interactive discussions with the patient addressing all issues and concerns based on family history, genetic testing, blood work, lifestyle and all other risk factors. This assessment is personalized and targeted to identify, reduce, or eliminate or breast cancer risk factors.
  • Nutrition Assessment: Our dietitian will spend the needed time with each patient reviewing their comprehensive tests results, their lifestyle and dietary habits and providing them with a comprehensive disease prevention and reverse-aging personalized nutrition and supplements plan.

Get a Second Medical Opinion

And Assurance You Made the Best Treatment Choice

The belief and confidence are extremely important and essential elements of the cancer treatment. Therefore, patients have to be well informed of their situation and confident that they have been offered the best course of action possible.

This program is designed to support and guide patients who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Patients who need assurance and confidence that they have made the best choice for their treatment based on their situation.

This program includes:

  • Detailed analysis of all previous medical testing related to the diagnosis
  • Breast physical examination with Dr. Arnaout and full review of all testing and medical reports
  • Written report: Second Medical Opinion Report and recommendations for patients
  • Referral to breast cancer Specialty Physiotherapy if needed

As second opinions may be covered by OHIP in certain circumstances, we recommend that you speak to your family physician before contacting La Vie. La Vie’s second opinion service is limited to circumstances where the patient cannot obtain a referral to another specialist.


Breast Cancer Support Program

Extra Support and Helping Hand During Treatment

The Breast Cancer Support Program does not change the specialist responsible for the patient’s care. It is for patients during their treatments that need to have access to a breast cancer medical team in case of emergencies.

Breast Cancer patients might have a critical need to reach a specialist after-hours for  emergencies. A support team member will take their calls and inquiries and guide them to the best course of action in their situation.

The program includes:

  • Extra support and helping hands to women through their treatment.
  • A safe tool to assure them help is very close and that they are never alone
  • Patients are provided a hotline that they can call 7 days a week from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM
  • They can also text, or email the medical team with their concerns

Life After Breast Cancer Essentials

Reduce Disease Impact and Help Prevent Recurrence of Breast Cancer

This program is for all women heroes who had been through the journey of diagnosis and
treatment. La Vie’s team can now help them reduce disease impact and help prevent recurrence of breast cancer

The program includes:

  • Comprehensive baseline blood work
  • Detailed assessment: physical exam, final reports analysis and reviews with emphasis on lifestyle modifications.
  • Breast cancer plan and discussions including annual imaging surveillance for breast cancer
  • Nutrition Assessment: conducted by La Vie’s registered Dietitian. The objective of the
    assessment is to provide nutrition guidelines and necessary changes for healthy lifestyle, weight management and prevention.
  • Coordinated, multidisciplinary care with emphasis on exercise and specialty physiotherapy.
  • Consultations around cosmetic and Breast Reconstruction recommendations and referrals.

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