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Point One Care Concierge Program

Stop Waiting in Line. Get the Health Care You Need… When You Need it.

La Vie Health Centre has the Solution…

Point One Care Concierge Program members get 24/7 concierge medical assistance and case management as well as having a nurse assigned to your case, becoming your personal health advocate and ensuring that you are receiving appropriate medical management for any medical issues.

Point One Care Concierge Program will provide you with a piece of mind no matter where you are and whenever by connecting to group of health care professional including a 24/7 on-call physician for health advices.

Point One Care Concierge Program will provide you with complete health care solution that will not only ensure that you get a premium medical attention at that time that is needed but also facilitating all medical tests and specialists appointment in timely fashion, so you sit back and relax and let us take care of you!.

How to Use Point One Care Concierge Program

You will be provided with La Vie’s Point One Care Concierge Program hotline and email address that can be used 24/7 by directly contacting the hotline, sending SMS or an emai. A health professional will respond to your call, SMS or email and immediately begin to gather information, assess your needs and intervene on your behalf.

Your medical concerns will be directly discussed with our physician on-call who will make further recommendation that might include contacting you wherever you are or meeting you at La Vie for a medical assessment.
Point One Care Concierge Program will ensure you of prompt medical response and follow ups to your concerns in the event that:

  • You are not feeling well or you have any medical concerns
  • You require a prescription renewal
  • You require immediate medical assistance:
  • You need to see a physician
  • You need help coordinating a timely specialist referral, blood work or diagnostic studies.
  • You need a second medical opinion for a medical condition.
  • You have the ability to call our hotline for an appointment within 24hrs or you can.

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