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One-Day Comprehensive Wellness Assessment

*Average length of assessment approximately 5 Hours

At La Vie Health, we aim to build a healthy relationship with all our patients; a relationship based on reducing risk factors, enhancing lifestyle modifications, setting up a Health Action Plan, and to work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your goal… Sure enough WE ARE YOUR PARTNER IN HEALTH.

Our ultimate goal is to early detect any medical alerts that a regular exam will not include until the medical problem has presented itself, and when sometimes, it is too late. We are committed to providing you with the most advanced and highest standard of health care available anywhere.
You lead a busy lifestyle, you have a set of financial and professional goals, and you are determined to get there. However, you did not include your health and wellbeing in your goals because your family doctor did not set a Health Action Plan for you and did not set milestones for each achievement. At La Vie, WE WORK DIFFERENTLY…

La Vie’s health team will perform a seven-step Comprehensive Wellness Assessment. This 7 step assessment can be completed in one-day or can be divided into two days depending on the patient’s preference. The goal of La Vie’s one-day Comprehensive Assessment is to provide individuals and families with a complete and progressive Health Action Plan for their total health and wellbeing. It is an advanced plan based on a preventive and proactive approach including medical screening and testing to early detect medical alerts, improve our patients’ wellbeing, and help them maintain healthy lifestyle.

Our team of preventive and wellness specialists will put their extensive expertise and advanced diagnostic technology to prevent or early detect cancer, cardiac diseases, metabolism and any other health lifestyle related medical problem.

Our medical approach is based on strict and medically advanced Female Health Protocols and Male Health Protocols, and includes two phases:

Phase One:

The patient will receive a Preparation Package via mail or electronically via e-mail. The patient will review and complete all required information and return it back to La Vie before the date of his/her assessment.

At La Vie Health Centre, the first phase of the assessment will start with these 3 steps:

  1. History and risk stratification review: 30-45 minutes
    A detailed history and risk stratification review for life-threatening illnesses. This step includes head-to-toe body organ review, past medical history, medication history, allergy history, medical allegy and familymedical history reviews.
  2. Comprehensive testing: 45-60 minutes
    This step contains all necessary testing for Biochemical and diagnostic analysis including:
    • Baseline ECG,
    • Baseline pulmonary function test,
    • Audiometric testing,
    • Complete blood work (this is a comprehensive blood testing based our male and female protocol),
    • Vision testing.
  3. In-Body composition Analysis: 15 minutes
    Using an advanced In-Body Composition machine, our health care professionals will be able to get information about the fat, water, and muscles components of each part of the body.

Phase Two:

Includes the following 4 steps:

  1. Fitness assessment: 30-40 minutes
    Based on the above assessments, our specialist will conduct a fitness assessment and come up with recommendations personalized to each client’s situation. This assessment focuses on core strength, balance and flexibility. The level of joint flexibility and muscle atrophy are also reviewed during this session.

  2. Comprehensive physical examination, interactive health review and discussion: 90 to 120 minutes (OUR DOCTORS SPENDS TWICE AS LONG WHEN COMPARED TO OUR COMPITITORS TO PROVIDE THE BEST VALUE TO OUR CLIENTS).

    At this stage our physicians will conduct an interactive discussion where all our clients expectations, issues and concerns are addressed and reviewed.

    Our physicians will consult our clients on their risks factors and prevention of illnesses including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

    Our physicians will spend all time required to review the comprehensive testing results that was performed at La Vie with our clients.

    Our physicians then will conduct a detailed and personalized physical examination.

  3. Health Report and Health Action Plan/Explanations and Recommendations: 15-30 minutes
    At the conclusion of your one-day Comprehensive Assessment begins the most important element of our service. That is, the discussion surrounding the results of your assessment. Our preventive physician will provide you with your detailed and personalized Health Action Plan and a multi media drive that includes all your medical details My life is in my hands™ .

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