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Corporate Wellness

Great performance comes with great health

A decision to invest in health, is a decision to invest in your business’ wellbeing

* For well over a decade, research has showed that every dollar spent on an effective Corporate Wellness program will contribute to cost saving’s of between $2.30 and $10.10 in the areas of decreased absenteeism, fewer sick days, reduced WSIB/WCB claims, lowered health and insurance costs, and improvements to employee performance and productivity.

* The increasing cost of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees is estimated at $5,000 to $10,000 for an hourly worker, and $75,000 to $211,000 for an executive earning a salary at the $100,000 level. Therefore, Corporate Health & Wellness Programs have started to play a major role in corporate strategic planning and disability management.

At La Vie Health Centre, our preventive medical team works on the current health of your corporate employees as a step toward the future wellbeing of your entire corporation.
Our medical strategies mirror our commitment to providing affordable quality care to member corporations before health becomes an issue. Fortunately, decision makers understand that investing in one’s health is an overall investment in the wellbeing of the business. At La Vie, we do not only provide a proactive approach to high quality medical testing, but we also educate businesses to take an active interest in the health and wellbeing of their employees.

In fact, corporations and business owners have become more and more aware of the negative impact of disabilities or chronic diseases on the strategic performance of the business as a whole. As a result, many of them have included La Vie’s Corporate Wellness Programs in their annual strategic planning. La Vie’s preventive team have made the commitment to delivering affordable, quality health care at the highest standards.

Our Corporate Wellness Program is designed to eliminate or reduce health risk factors through a time efficient approach because we understand that time management is a major contributor to business success. Our program will provide every patient with a personalized and detailed Health Action Plan tailoring treatment and enhancing well-being through a preventive approach.

Corporate Wellness Assessment

1- Preparation Package.

2- The medical team will perform an in-depth and extensive medical assessment of your physical health. During our One-day comprehensive assessment, La Vie’s preventive team will perform extensive testing using state-of-the art advanced medical equipment. Testing will include:

  • Heart and cardiovascular screening and risk assessment,
  • Baseline pulmonary function test, Audiometric testing, Complete blood work, Vision testing, Body composition Analysis,
  • Complete Physical Examination,
  • Exercise and fitness assessment,
  • Dietary and nutritional assessment.

Once all tests have been concluded, you will be scheduled to see your preventive physician to review your test results and address any issues or medical concerns. We will also update your report and medical information loaded on My life is in my hand™.

Please note that La Vie’s Corporate Wellness Program is covered by many insurance companies under certain programs. For more details, please review your plan or consult with your insurance representative.

Please note that the cost of corporate wellness assessment depends on number of participants.

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