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Corporate Health

It's just plain common sense to invest $2,000 for good health.

It's also logical to carry your life in your pocket or purse.

In government or in private corporations these are anxious times, especially for leaders. Making sure that they’re in good health is a priority for sound business management. It’s just plain common sense.

That’s why more and more government and corporate principals are taking advantage of the $2,000 pro-active comprehensive wellness program for individuals and families at Kanata’s La Vie Executive Health Centre.

Since 2007, La Vie, under the direction of Dr. Hassan Sannoufi, MD, CCFP, has been a leader in preventive medicine. Also known as risk reduction, the centre’s approach is to work with patients to maintain good health and to reduce or eliminate the threat of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other ailments. 

For their money La Vie patients receive a far more intensive check-up than most family doctors are able to deliver during a relatively brief 20 to 30-minute office visit.

The La Vie physical is a head-to-toe five-hour medical assessment completed with state-of-the art equipment. It includes a review of all previous medical conditions and health care records, stress testing, heart, hearing, and vision tests, a comprehensive diet and fitness assessment and (if needed) an electronic second opinion from physicians at global facilities such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Affiliated Hospitals.

"All too often more attention is paid to automobile maintenance than to protection of personal health," says Dr. Sannoufi. "Our ultimate goal is to detect early any medical alerts before a medical problem has presented itself. Some of these alerts may be missed by a routine medical examination. Our patients say we are giving them good value for their money."

The benefits of the La Vie wellness program are numerous:

  • access to a team of leading edge medical practitioners and equipment;
  • assessments and testing under one roof, eliminating the need to visit other clinics for blood work,
  • diet assessment using the state-of-the-art Inbody machine, fitness assessment and other tests;
  • by detecting illnesses at an early stage busy patients avoid multiple visits to other doctors, saving valuable time and money
  • following their assessment, patients and their health care providers can access patients' medical records at any time and from anywhere using secure, Web-based applications.

 Always a leader

Always a leader, La Vie has unveiled an international first in health care with its My Life is in My Hand Program. For the first time, a portable personal health file that may be given by a patient in case of emergency to any healthcare unit anywhere in the world.

The latest information about a patient’s health will be installed on the USB Card by the La Vie team of experts led by Dr. Sannoufi.

La Vie offers a membership package that gives patients year-round access to the health centre for medical care and La Vie's extensive range of integrated services, including a diet and fitness programs, pre-fitness assessment, pharmacology review, a travel clinic, a cosmetic clinic and a health allies network.


To arrange an interview with Dr. Hassan Sannoufi or Reham Sannoufi, Executive Director, La Vie Health Centre, please call (613) 592-0862


For more information about the La Vie Health Centre, visit: http://laviehealth.com/






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