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Why you may need more preventive healthcare than just a regular checkup

Are you an executive or a professional with a busy lifestyle in Ottawa? Do you need health care but don’t have the time to sit in walk-in clinics or hospitals? One-day physicals or health examinations may be something you should consider. One-day physicals can be beneficial to your health because they can find things that a regular and hasty checkup can’t. One-day medical examinations offer preventive care, are quick and easy, comprehensive, and they can recommend help to ensure the best results.

Here are 4 reasons to consider getting a one-day physical examination in Ottawa today:

1)    Preventive measures opposed to reactive

The ultimate goal of a one-day physical examination is to detect any medical alerts that a regular medical exam won’t find until the issue has already presented itself. At a one-day physical assessment, doctor’s aim to early detect issues and assess potential risks that will eliminate future sick time. Also, your medical history and risk of life-threatening illness is assessed to make sure you’ll stay as healthy as possible.

Interested in booking a one-day health assessment? Visit La Vie Executive Health Centre today!

2) Quick and easy

Walk-in clinics and hospital emergency rooms require seemingly never-ending wait times. And often, after seeing a doctor, you’re put on a waitlist and instructed to go see another specialist at a different location. With one-day health evaluations, all of your medical needs are dealt with in-house. Most assessments don’t take longer than 5 hours and can be spread out over two days to suit clients better. Many clinics also conduct comprehensive testing, including complete blood and vision testing and body composition analysis.

3) Time is on your side

At one-day physical examinations, physicians can spend up to two hours discussing and reviewing your health. At hospital visits or even at your family doctor’s office, the experience is usually rushed and you’re often limited to dealing with one medical issue per visit. Expectations, issues, and concerns can all be addressed at a one-day health assessment until you are satisfied with the information.

4) Get results and recommendations

Usually, at the end of a physical examination, physicians provide you with a detailed and personalized action plan. These health plans will help you kickstart your journey to wellness and will provide guidance and recommendations to help you achieve your ultimate health goals.

So if you’re ready to stop wasting your precious spare time in hospital waiting rooms or your family doctor’s office, book a one-day physical examination with La Vie Executive Health Centre today!

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