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At LaVie… We predict to prevent.


Also known as risk reduction - means taking actions to reduce or eliminate the risk of getting cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Research has shown that 50% of cancer can be prevented through healthy living and policies that protect the public.* Also, prevention plays a major role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The American Heart Association recommends that “Intensively managing risk factors enhances survival, reduces recurrent events and the need for interventional procedures, and improves the quality of life for coronary heart disease patients”.

Early Detection

Early detectoin can save your life and it has extremely strict medical guidelines. The American Cancer Society recommends that “People who are at increased risk for certain cancers may need to follow a different screening schedule, such as starting at an earlier age or being screened more often. Those with symptoms that could be related to cancer should see their doctor right away”

There are many risk factors for cancer that can not be changed like age, sex, and generic inheritance. At La Vie, our focus is to deal with the risk factors that we can change by comprehensive screening, proactive testing, and life style modifying.

* Canadian Cancer Society.

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